Helping you harvest or manage your timber

Over 25 years of helping landowners get the most out of their timberlands, whether you’re planning to harvest and replant, develop, or simply manage for wildlife.

What We Do

Mid-South Timber employs a highly-skilled contract logging force. Each crew is specialized to different types of timber harvesting, and each is considered the best at what they do. Because of this, we can handle any type of logging application, from delicate thinning jobs and residential or development cuts, all the way to complete clear cuts

All crews are properly insured, and trained in Best Management Practices for soil and water quality protection. We employ safeguards such as portable logging bridges and water bars, so that your land is left in equal or better condition than it was when logging began. Wildlife protection and aesthetics are given proper consideration during timber harvest, as well.

In addition to buying and harvesting your timber, Mid-South Timber can assist landowners in a variety of other ways. These include preparing management plans for forest and wildlife on your land and assisting with tree planting.

Why Choose Us

Mid-South Timber Company is owned and operated by Jeff Johnson, CF. In addition to the basic requirements of being a registered forester in both North and South Carolina, Jeff is also a Certified Forester through the Society of American Foresters. The 20 hours of continuing education that he is required to complete each year ensure that he is informed and educated on the latest practices in the timber industry. You can be confident that you and your land and timber will be treated with the utmost care and respect from start to finish.